What is Dynamic Pricing? And why OPA doesn’t practice it.

“At OPA we believe in fairness, and being of service to our customers”.

Dynamic Pricing Basics

Dynamic pricing is a form of price discrimination that is exceedingly common in e-commerce. Dynamic pricing is the practice of selling goods or services at different prices at different times or to different customers. For instance, a large online “store” might sell a printer toner at a higher price during times of the day or week that they sell the most toner, and they may sell it for less during the times of day or week that toner sales are low. The purpose of dynamic pricing is to allow a business to charge customers as much as they are willing to pay for a good or service to maximize profit.

Irritated Customers

A potential drawback of dynamic pricing is that it can make customers irritated or even angry if they discover that they have been subject to price discrimination. For example, if customers who work in the same building discuss what they each paid for their printer toner they might discover that one paid twice as much as another. This can make customers feel like they were duped or cheated.

Less Customer Loyalty

If customers become irritated or angry as a result of dynamic pricing, it can damage a company’s brand loyalty. When customers trust a company, they tend to repeatedly buy its products and services and avoid shopping around and looking for deals elsewhere. If customers find out that a company is engaged in dynamic pricing, it gives them incentive to consider the products and services of competitors to ensure that they are not paying too much.

Office Products Alliance

At OPA we believe in fairness, and being of service to our customers. We believe that dynamic pricing is unfair and even unethical. We do not change your price based on the time of day you order it. When we quote you a price that is what we charge you. True partners should look for an equitable transaction that fairy benefits both partners.

Thank you for your business.