For over 29 years Office Products Alliance has been serving the Kansas City area. Our day-to-day function is to supply our partners with every imaginable item they need to make their work day as efficient as possible.

But at our core we are about our community. We believe every business is an integral part of the community’s cycle. If we are all engaged—from the citizen, to the government and schools, to local businesses, the entire community benefits. At OPA we are engaged through our philanthropic endeavors both financially and personally. Many on our team sit on local charitable boards to enhance those respective organizations. We contribute significantly through the tax base to support our entire community’s infrastructure.

Over the years our industry has evolved like every other. We are a culmination of 12 legacy Kansas City office supply companies with over 40 employees from those companies. We also continue to bring new associates to our team from your neighborhoods with good paying jobs right here in KC. Our team is experienced, dedicated and, above all, 100% Kansas City.

We consider it a privilege to have you as a partner and we will do our utmost to service your every need promptly, courteously, and professionally, every time. We have diversified into many channels to strive to take care of your every need. Please check out everything we have to offer as we continue to expand our offerings.

We sincerely thank you for partnering with us now, and in the future.

- The Entire OPA Team

Support Local. Grow Local. Be Local.

Let’s Keep it Local. Together We Make Kansas City Better.