Janitorial & Sanitation

Clean. Sanitize. Shine!

Vince Rossetti is YOUR Jan/San Specialist. Vince has 20+ years in the industry and works with businesses  like yours to keep your work spaces clean and safe for your customers and employees while reducing your costs and increasing your efficiencies.

With our free next-day delivery we can keep you stocked with everything your facility needs to stay spic & span! Create a janitorial favorites list at www.shop.opakc.com for quick and easy ordering. From breakroom to full facility cleaning needs, we’ve got you covered.

  • Soaps and sanitizers
  • Towels, tissues, toilet paper
  • Trash bags and  liners
  • Brooms, mops and janitorial carts
  • Kitchen and bathroom dispensers

As always, we’ll make it easy with:

  • No minimum order
  • Free next-day local delivery
  • Customizable favorites list
  • AWESOME customer service reps
  • Quick and easy returns
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Vince Rossetti

Jan/San Specialist
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