The entire team at OPA is committed to Kansas City.
We believe the number one goal of any business is to enhance the community they serve. By working together with our partners we create jobs, fund charitable organizations through talent and treasure, serve on local boards, fund our infrastructure through our tax base but most importantly we care about the health and welfare of our entire community.
A business is no different than any other engaged citizen in our community, our responsibility is to enhance the well-being of the entire community. If we don’t support one another as well as our local businesses, we all suffer.
Please remember these thoughts as you make your decisions on who to partner with in your business life as well as your personal life.
Thank you Kansas City,
Mark Whitlow
Office Products Alliance

Get Involved!

If you or your company are looking for an organization to help out just click on the links below to get started! If you would like to support one of our charitable partners and would like an introduction please call us! We would be happy to help.  If you have a charity you would like to introduce US to, please call! Or, email Amie at amie@opakc.com.

Community. Involvement. Support.

Community is important, and at OPA we work to enhance ours. We connect our diverse expertise, resources and time in an effort to help the lives of those around us. We are proud to give back to our community. Some of our charitable partners…

Keep it Local.

Did you know...

For every $1.00 spent at a local business, 50 cents are reinvested locally, compared to 15 cents for a big chain store.

The money you spend with locally owned businesses can remain in the community, generating economic activity that supports schools, parks, first responders, and other vital community services.

Now, more than ever, Kansas City businesses need community support.  The coronavirus pandemic has created an existential crisis for America’s small, locally owned businesses, which are the backbone of the nation’s economy. They create the bulk of the nation’s jobs, cultivate new innovation, and shape our communities’ personality. Unlike most national retail chains, they adapt their products and services to meet their communities’ needs. 


How to Help.

  • Keep shopping (Safely)
  • Buy from local businesses
  • Buy giftcards
  • Buy something extra
  • Order carry-out
  • Encourage Others
  • Tip extra
  • Be flexible
  • Leave reviews

Neighborhood Alliances.

We are devoted to supporting and participating in community alliances to help strengthen our work force and all the communities we serve.


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