OPA Makes Perfect Passes to Your Desk

Down. Set.

Don’t get up! When you order from Office Products Alliance, you can expect your purchase to be delivered right to your office or desk the next day. Our friendly OPA delivery people will carefully carry your order to its destination, no matter what floor you’re on, or whether that’s a cubicle or a big corner office. So, you can keep on working without interruption, without worrying where your order is, and without searching your building for your package.

Handoffs with No Fumbles.

Office Products Alliance drivers and delivery people will manage your order from end to end. We won’t win the Kansas City Package Chucking Competition because we keep both hands on your packages and watch our step. We don’t dump and run. We make sure your order is delivered right to you!

We Execute Your Playbook.

Do you have a special room or place where your order needs to be delivered? OPA delivers packages directly to your breakroom, conference room, or a specific employee’s desk. We have everything your office needs in stock right here in Kansas City, which means we can deliver it all on the next business day. OPA saves you and your team the hassles and headaches of searching for products online and waiting for delivery, or, even worse, driving around town to multiple big-box retailers to find what you need.

Leave the rough-and-tumble to the guys in the red helmets. Let OPA complete the pass right to you.