OPA Knows How to Deliver a Secret

What’s your favorite office supply?  Shhh! Don’t tell. Office Products Alliance can make your secret dreams come true.

Undecided about your favorite?  Watch our video to learn the secret loves of some of our customers, and perhaps you’ll find your office-supply soulmate!  

Their Secrets Are Out!

We asked six of our OPA sales representatives to tell us their secret favorite office product. Guess they’re not so secret anymore!

  • Vince Rossetti loves our Genuine Joe Ripple Hot Cups. Vince says, “Their insulating ripple design provides a secure, easy grip. These cups keep hot drinks hot while my hands stay cool. No need for a sleeve or double cup.”
  • Will Arnold loves good pens and smooth, new paper. “Like many people, I have my favorite pens such as the Sharpie S-Gel, Pilot G2, and the Paper Mate Flair. When you’re writing in chicken scratch like mine, you need a good pen to make up for it.  I also love the feeling of breaking out a fresh legal pad to use for my sales call notes.”
  • Beth Johnson plans her work and life with our At-A-Glance Full Weekend Weekly Appointment Book. “I love a calendar organized by the week so I can see what I have going on.”
  • Ryan Clark thinks the Victor High Rise Electronic Dual Monitor Standing Desk Workstation is the bee’s knees. “It’s by far the best mobile desk riser on the market, and it’s available at a good price. This workstation moves easily, and it has a safety sensor, so it will stop if your coffee mug is in the way.”
  • Pam Walker uses her Quartet Desk Dry-Erase Board every day. “Now it comes in patterns! OMG, I need a new one!”
  • Andie Arndt is another pen lover. “My latest pen companion is the classy and hint-of-retro silver metal-barreled Zebra Pen F-701 Retractable Ballpoint Pen. It has a nice weight and a quiet clicker. My Zebra pen is pleasing to the eyes wherever it lies!”

Order your secret favorite products from OPA and we’ll discreetly deliver.