Sound Masking

At work, are you tired of Beth droning on to her daughter about the upcoming wedding? Or hearing about Michael’s latest bicycle accident? Over hearing conversations is an unwanted consequence of today’s new work environment. Lower cubicle walls and open seating has resulted in speech privacy being the #1 concern of employees.

OPA has a solution – Sound Masking

sound masking equipmentSound Masking is a system to hide excess noise by adding sound to reduce the intelligibility of speech. If you can’t understand what someone is saying, it is less distracting. The sound masking speakers generate a sound similar to running water or air conditioning.

This is accomplished by strategically placing sound emitters which are wide dispersion speakers in the ceiling, and balancing the sound to mask conversations.

sound masking diagramWho should use Sound Masking?

  • Open Office Environments
  • Engineering and Research Labs Healthcare Offices, Clinics, Pharmacies
  • Financial Services
  • Call Centers
  • Anyone wanting to keep their sanity

OPA is certified to design and install a masking system tailored to your needs.

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