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Rochester. Kansas City. Then & Now.

January 24th – National Beer Can Appreciation Day!!

OPA is happy to call the Crossroads home. We live in an old building, over 130 years old, that was originally a brewery and bottling facility called Rochester Brewing. According to “Hometown Beer: A History of Kansas City’s Breweries,” the company had started in 1888 at 2015 Washington under the name Iler & Burgweger (after the founders/owners). By 1892 they had built three five-story buildings within the same block. By 1900 it was renamed Rochester Brewing and operated in the area until the prohibition.

In 2019 a couple of fine Kansas Citians, Philip and Marshall, brought the Rochester name back to life and to the Crossroads with their company, Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co.

Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co. is a new locally owned brewery, roaster and event space in the West Crossroads in Kansas City, MO. Passionate about the art and science of brewing beer and roasting specialty coffee, seeing their dream come true and sharing it with us. Enveloping specialty coffees (I had the best peppermint mocha of life, you guys), excellently dynamic brews, a selective menu to nourish you and a beautiful and welcoming space with a seat for everyone. Bring your laptop and get some work done with an espresso or bring some friends and have some craft beers.

Since OPA has this sort of 6-degrees-of-separation type connection to Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co. it only makes sense to celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day by way of them. Office Products Alliance is going to show up at someone’s desk with a 6-pack of Rochester’s finest. (Hey Angie – enjoy those craft brews!)

A Kansas City name coming back around over 100 years later – pretty cool, huh?  Visit Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co. at to learn more about them. Or, better yet, stop in say hi. They are located at 2129 Washington Street, Kansas City, MO.