Change of Season

Now that September has begun we turn our attention to the fall season and the inevitable winter that follows. Since we live in the greatest city in the United States, we get to enjoy this change of season and marvel at the beauty of the place we call home.

The growth we see every day in our city is also a beautiful thing as it means our businesses are growing and new businesses are relocating to our town in big numbers. Our infrastructure is also getting a much-needed facelift getting ready for this expansion of our hometown.

Our “big little city” is something we can be proud of and the local businesses within our city are equally special. Downtown has never been more vibrant and cities on both sides of the stateline are also flourishing. Next time your company needs to purchase products to help them be more productive please do all of Kansas City a favor and look to your local vendors first. We all know the national players in various businesses but there are equally good businesses that are local. They may even be owned by your friends and neighbors and the tax money stays in our great city to pay for the infrastructure and roads to keep our city great for years to come. Many good things happen in our community when you buy local including creating and retaining jobs and the money earned by these businesses is reinvested within our town.

We may not be as boastful as some of the other big cities nearby but we have a quiet confidence. A confidence of someone who is in on a secret and that secret is that we have a great hometown and it’s getting even better.

As we say at Office Products Alliance, “Let’s keep it local because together we can make Kansas City a better place for all of us.”