Office Products Alliance’s Giving Program benefits Three Kansas City Metro Organizations.

Normal companies don’t offer their employees a choice when it comes to corporate giving options, but then OPA is not a normal company. Office Products Alliance is the largest independent office supply company in the KC Metro and a strong proponent of giving back to the local community.

The OPA Giving Program is a company-wide endeavor.  In the case of the Top-Three Program, all employees are involved in the progect. Every December OPA employees eagerly provide the names of three organizations to be part of a company-wide vote and the stakes are high! The top three organizations will receive a donation from OPA. But there is more going on than just submitting names, employees enthusiastically champion for their organizations. This year was a bit different most of the campaigning efforts were geared towards the organizations that helped an OPA Team member’s family.

The votes are tallied and announced at the January Company Meeting. This year the OPA team is pleased to announce the Kansas City Chapters of Make-A-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and The American Cancer Society are the recipients of the OPA 2016 Top-Three Giving Program.

“I am so proud of the OPA Team, they continually amaze me with their commitment to the local community. Over the years, through the Giving Program, we have been involved with many local organizations,” states Mark Whitlow, President. “We run, bowl, buy presents, mentor, and donate time, talent, materials; a diversity of giving that reflects the needs of our local community.”