Is it time to upgrade your print devices?

For many business owners, their print environment is not even on the radar. Until there’s a problem. The fact is, if you’re working with outdated print technology, you could be missing out on the cost-cutting, productivity-boosting power new printers available at copier leasing companies offer. And often older technology doesn’t offer the built-in security features necessary in today’s increasingly connected world.

If you’re seeing any of these signs, it might be time to upgrade your print devices.

  1. Your Print Costs Have Gone Up Significantly. There are ways to cut costs without reducing print output. If your team is relying on old technology, it may no longer be meeting their needs. If this sounds like your business, it’s time to replace outdated printers with a new energy efficient advanced device.
  2. Your Current Device Doesn’t Offer the Latest Security Features. A 2017 report from found that 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. One of the major vulnerabilities? Your unprotected office printer. If your print device doesn’t offer these built-in security features, it’s time to upgrade:
    a. Authentication – Users must verify using a PIN or other identifier at the device to output a document. No more sensitive documents lying around the printer.
    b. Print Encryption – Data is encrypted when traveling to and from your printer and throughout your network.
    c. Password Protected Scanning – Today’s smart MFPs offer password protection of documents so only the right people have access to the data they need.
  3. It Doesn’t Improve Workflows or Productivity. The right device should streamline workflows and boost productivity. Many new devices use app-based technology to boost productivity and make printing fast and easy.
  4. It Doesn’t Offer Cloud Compatibility or Mobile Print. To be productive today means that your team needs access to your print environment from anywhere, anytime, on any device. The latest mobile print solutions offer cloud-based storage and make mobile print easy.
  5. It’s Not Scalable. As your business grows, your printer should grow with it. Look for features like remote scanning, mobile tools that allow clients, visitors and your team to print without a network connection, built-in security and automated updating.