HP Myth Busters!

Myth Busters 2019

Did you know there are lots of ‘myths’ about using cheap substitute toner cartridges versus HP Original LaserJet Cartridges?

Below are a few of the common myths … but I’ve also included the ‘myth busters’

Myth:  Non-HP cartridges are just as reliable as Original HP.

Buster: Users of non-HP toner cartridges are 70% more likely to have a cartridge fail!

Myth: Non-HP cartridges won’t impact printer performance.

Buster: Over 9 in 10 technicians said that printers using non-HP toner cartridges required more cleaning, repairs, and replacements.

Myth: Non-HP cartridges are better for the environment

Buster: Cheap substitutes may not be a sustainable choice.  Nearly 90% of non-HP toner cartridges will ultimately go to the landfill.