Boost Your Breakroom & Boost Morale

5 Ways to Refresh & Energize Your Breakroom

A comfy and welcoming breakroom has a significant impact to the productivity and success of any enterprise. It gives employees a place to step away to – to set aside work for a few minutes and recharge. Does your office breakroom need a boost? Here are 5 ways to refresh and energize your breakroom AND your employees.

  1. COFFEE!! How can a good office be a good office without good coffee? I’m not sure it can. Not only does coffee make employees more focused, but great tasting coffee also makes employees happy and more satisfied with their place of employment.
  2. HYDRATION!! There is such a thing as people who do not drink coffee, although I do not understand it. For the non-coffee drinkers offer a variety of other drinks. Sodas, flavored waters, energy drinks, teas… Hydration is also important for focus, clarity and a boost of energy.
  3. SNACKS!! Rather than a vending machine full of overly sugared , high calorie snacks that will drag your people down and make them want to nap at their desk, opt for healthier options like nuts, dried or fresh fruit and granola and protein bars.
  4. Make it Comfy! Give your employees a breakroom worthy of taking a break in. A place to step away for a moment, relax in comfortable seating, get an energy boost or brainstorm that next big project. Comfortable seating can be affordable and make a world of difference.
  5. Make it Pretty! Add some artwork! Support local artists and purchase some pieces to hang in your breakroom. Make it personal and add a corkboard for announcements. Opt for calm or natural lighting rather than harsh, fluorescent lighting. An inviting breakroom invites breaks, which boosts morale and productivity.

Office Products Alliance can help you stock your breakroom and keep your employees happy and focused. We carry so many varieties of coffee, drinks, and snacks I could never list them. We can also help you design and install new furniture, tables and chairs, if you need it. Give us a call and let us know how we can help with your office supply and office furniture needs! 816.777.2810