Align With Us & Save

Office Products AllianceWhen you align with OPA, you save big!

Office Products Alliance partners with your company to create a comprehensive cost analysis; saving you time, saving you money, and even saving the planet!


Save TimeAlign Your Time

  • Reduce time spent on purchasing by up to 50%
  • Eliminate your time spent on researching products
  • Stop last minute trips to the big box stores
  • Increase office productivity by focusing on more important tasks


Save MoneyAlign Your Budget

  • Save up to $12,000 a year by single-sourcing your purchases
  • Access our buying program to meet or beat the nationals and other vendors
  • Contract pricing available on items unique to your business
  • Contain costs by eliminating impulse purchases and renegade spending


Save The EarthAlign Globally

  • Free, next-day local delivery, no more trips to the store
  • Single sourcing means fewer deliveries, and less CO2 overall
  • Our cost analysis and process evaluation will find even more green solutions


Buy LocalAlign Locally

  • Local businesses support local accountants, attorneys, merchants, banks, insurance firms, restaurants, and other community resources
  • Local businesses pay more taxes and rarely receive tax breaks or subsidies
  • Local businesses support local charities
  • Every dollar spent at a local business will turnover five to seven more time in our local economy, based on the national average
  • For every $100 you spend at a local business, $68 of it stays in the local community
    in comparison to $43 when buying from a chain store