Meet Your OPA Team

Customer Service

Kent Sinclair
Andrea King-Jamison
John McAlum

Casey Britton
Cortney Crider
Tamra Alexander


P.J. Reardon
Judy Pezzetti
Linda Lewis

Buddy Young
Cindy Hinman
Ryan Clarke

Beth Johnson


Deanna Hamilton

Cartridge Techs

Dennis Earl
Farrell Mitchell

Driver Lead/Buyer

Kathy Moore


Keith Brawley
Steve Daly
Josh Fencl

John Bruns
Ken Kaeding
Rick Carlson

Seth Schaffer

Service Manager

Michael Egger

Network Cabling

Brian Gwin

Printer Techs

Rick Walters
Tom Dalton


Linda Adams

Mark Whitlow

I am here because of you, our partner in business. I, as all of our team knows, am only happy when you are happy. I love what I do in our business life and love what we have accomplished and look forward to making this a lifelong project. When I am not working I love to go to the Lake of the Ozarks and relax on the lake. In the off season I love to travel when I can, some say I work too much, but when working is as fun as this, why not? I appreciate our team and love working with them as I hope you do. Thank you so much for your loyalty to us.