Meet Your OPA Team

Customer Service

Kent Sinclair
Andrea King-Jamison
John McAlum

Casey Britton


P.J. Reardon
Judy Pezzetti
Linda Lewis

Buddy Young
Cindy Hinman


Deanna Hamilton

Cartridge Techs

Dennis Earl
Farrell Mitchell

Driver Lead/Buyer

Kathy Moore


Keith Brawley
Steve Daly
Josh Fencl

Service Manager

Michael Egger

Printer Techs

Rick Walters
Tom Dalton


Linda Adams

Mark Whitlow

I am here because of you, our partner in business. I, as all of our team knows, am only happy when you are happy. I love what I do in our business life and love what we have accomplished and look forward to making this a lifelong project. When I am not working I love to go to the Lake of the Ozarks and relax on the lake. In the off season I love to travel when I can, some say I work too much, but when working is as fun as this, why not? I appreciate our team and love working with them as I hope you do. Thank you so much for your loyalty to us.